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1.Easy to carry like a sketchbook

The dimension of the 11.6 inches pen display is 350 x 198.6 x 11mm, which is close to an A4 Sheet. You can take it to everywhere you like without worries.

2.Advanced Battery-free stylus

The KAMVAS Pro 12 is equipped with Huion's latest battery-free pen PW507, so you no longer have to worry about charging problems. This pen also combines 8192 levels of pen pressure with ±60 pen tilt support, allowing you to have advanced pen performance.

3.266PPS report rate and 4 handy express keys and 1 touch bar

The 266 PPS report rate provides a quick and agile feedback of the pen strokes, which is conducive to the smoothness of the lines.

Four user-defined express keys and a touch bar are set on the left side of the screen. Setting the express keys in the light of your preference, you can easily access your favorite settings

4.Full lamination technology and anti-glare glass panel

The Kamvas Pro 12 combines full-lamination technology with anti-glare glass to effectively reduce the glare damage to human eyes and shorten the distance between the pen nib and the cursor, making people feel like drawing on paper.

5.Outstanding color display

The 120sRGB wide color gamut presents 16.7 million colors vividly. Thanks to the wide color gamut, it has an outstanding color display effect and can greatly reduce the color difference.

Gorgeous Design.

Frosted finish on the top and aluminum alloy rear case,comfortable to touch and durable in use.

Protable adjustable stand

Create on whatever software you like:

Kamvas Pro 12 is compatible with both macOS and Windows, supporting mainstream designing and drawing software of various kinds.

Pixel-level accuracy

5080LPI pen resolution ensures smooth and constant lines.

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