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1. Colors create uniqueness.

Different from other pen tablets, HUION HS611 is available in three colors, Coral
Red, Starry Blue and Space Grey, which not only makes the pen tablet more
appealing but also offers more choices to users who pursue individuality.

2. Your music master.

Media bar on HS611 allows you to control the background music
and switch freely between programs without interrupting the work
flow, which helps to create an immersive working environment.

3. A perfect partner for creation.

Slim and light, the 550g lightweight pen tablet is
easy-to-carry for outdoor drawing.
Thickness: 7.3mm
Net Weight: 550g

4. Let ideas flow from Battery-free digital pen PW500.

To match the colorful HUION HS611, digital pen PW500 is also available in
three colors. Besides, the advanced battery-free technology frees PW500 from
battery and charge, which ensures a handy tool for creation of various kinds.

5. Rapid and smooth lines input.

266 PPS report rate that supports rapid and smooth lines input enable every creative idea to be realized without lagging.

6. Precise presentation of every stroke.

±60° tilt support and the industry-leading
8192 levels of pressure sensitivity allow
every line and stroke input to be presented
on the screen vibrantly and delicately,
which can liven up your work.

7. Convenient and space-saving pen loop.

Pen loop on HS611 that is made of durable and elastic
polyurethane fabric is specially designed to hold the
stylus in a more convenient and flexible way.

8.A programmable touch bar and 10 press keys

Programme the press keys and touch
bar in advance to streamline your work
flow as well as increase your

9. Type-C port and strong device compatibility

Huion HS611 supports devices running on
Windows 7, macOS 10.12, Android 6.0 or later. Just
get ready to bring your ideas to life.

*iOS is currently not supported.

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