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Android Supported – New-added function

Huion H430P OTG drawing tablet is upgraded to support connection to Android mobile phones and tablets. Note: The cursor can not show up in SAMSUNG Galaxy phones and tablet presently, except for Note series.

Perfect for Drawing & Playing

With H430P pen tablet, not only can you use it for drawing, but also can use for playing OSU games, editing photos, e-signature for business, etc., which can be replacement mouse, making your work more efficient. No need to install drivers for OSU! It is an easy to use tablet for kids, students, beginner, artists, designers and amateurs.

Battery-Free Stylus PW201

No longer need to replace or recharge the battery, and no more unwanted interruption to your draw and play.

With 4096 levels pressure sensitivity, 5080 LPI resolution and 233 PPS lag-free report rate, the digital pen PW201 allows you to freely switch between thicker and thinner lines depending on your wish, enhancing creation fluency.

Compact & Portable Styling

4 customized shortcut keys on the panel can be set to meet your requirements.


Huion Inspiroy H430P drawing tablet works with Windows 7 or later, Mac 10.12, Chromebook or later and Android 6.0 or later.

Attention! H430P does not include


HUION H430P Digital Tablets Micro USB Signature Pen Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet OSU Game Tablet Battery-Free Tablet

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