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original xiaomi power bank xiaomi 16000mah external battery pack  xiaomi 16000 MI charger external battery with usb LED light

original xiaomi power bank xiaomi 16000mah external battery pack xiaomi 16000 MI charger external battery with usb LED light

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free shipping original xiaomi power bank 16000mAh external battery pack xiaomi 16000 MI charger external battery charger with USB LED light


This package includes original xiaomi power bank, original micro usb charge cable, and usb LED light.




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Package include:

1 x Power Bank 
1 x USB Cable
1x manual
Once you receive this power bank, please check its serial number in xiaomi's website to verify its originality!
Model : NDY-02-AL
Battery Type   High-quality   lithium-ion battery
Input voltage    DC 5.0V
The output voltage   DC 5.1V
Input Current   2000mA (TYP)
Output Current  2100mA (TYP)
Rated Capacity  3.75V / 16000mAh (TYP)
Charging time
About 9 hours (with 5V / 2A charger, standard cable)
About 14.5 hours (5V / 1A charger, standard cable)
Any one port supports 5.1V / 2.1A output
Two ports simultaneously output, the maximum output 5.1V / 3.6A
Product Size  145 * 60.4 * 22mm
Load detection
Automatic detection of the load insertion and removal
This product supports input voltage protection, input the anti-anti protection, output over-current protection, output overvoltage protection, output short circuit protection, battery overcharge and over-discharge protection, batteries PTC protection, charge / discharge temperature protection
Protection and Restoration
Use charger action to restore
Charging temperature
0  -45 (TYP)
Discharge temperature
Start output temperature: -10  ~ + 50  (TYP)
Continuous output temperature: -20  ~ + 60 (TYP)
Weight  350g








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